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Third Temple Documentary - Pastor Joshua James

Jerusalem, Israel Third Temple Prophecy. Never Before Seen Locations! Secret Locations in Jerusalem Revealed! End Times Prophecy with...

Holy Spirit Revival in the Philippines!

Many People Believing on Jesus and being Healed! Salvation, Healing ad Casting out Demons in Jesus' Name! Join Pastor Joshua James...

Miracles in the Philippines - Pastor Joshua James

Abandoned Children Receive the Holy Spirit, Broken Hearts Healed in Jesus' Name! Healing Miracles in Jesus' Name! Join Pastor Joshua...

Healing Miracles - Pastor Joshua James

People being Healing in Jesus' Name! Many People being Saved through faith and Healed in Jesus' Name!

Pastor Joshua James in Smyrna, Turkey (Izmir).

Many Muslims Turning to Jesus Christ as the Son of God and receiving Salvation. Revival in the Country of Turkey! The Land of the Bible!

Pastor Joshua James, Mount of Olives - Jerusalem.

Mount of Olives, Jerusalem Israel Salvation, Healing and Deliverance in Jesus' Name! Contact Pastor Joshua James for Prayer!

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